You fans have a convincing theory Ellie could return for season 4

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Photo credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix
Photo credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix

The same month that season 3 drops on Netflix, the streaming service have confirmed You season 4 is officially happening. Yep, Joe is back again. Here's what we know about the fourth instalment of the serial-killer-turned-married-dad-in-the-suburbs' story.


Who will star in Netflix's You season 4?

Not that much is known about the fourth series, but we can assume Joe (Penn Badgley) will take centre stage living his new life in Paris. Some fans have been speculating about whether Ellie (Jenna Ortega) from season two might reappear, after a specific conversation she had with Love (Victoria Pedretti) resurfaced.

As a Reddit user noted, "I'm rewatching season 2 and Love tells Ellie if the film thing doesn't work out you should go to culinary school in Paris... Idk I feel like could she be there?"

Now that would be a plot twist.

Photo credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix
Photo credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix

In addition to the show's recurring characters, we could be set to see a pretty unexpected cast member joining the show - thanks to some intense fangirling between Penn Badgley and Cardi B.

Following a Twitter love affair between the pair - which saw the actor and rapper exchanging a series of gushing tweets and changing their profile pictures to each other - Penn has now addressed speculation that Cardi could land a role in You.

Photo credit: James Devaney/GC Images, Pierre Suu/GC Images - Getty Images
Photo credit: James Devaney/GC Images, Pierre Suu/GC Images - Getty Images

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Penn answered questions on a possible Cardi cameo, saying, "Well, I don't know, I definitely can't say. But there is actually - I believe this is true - there's an actual petition." After being questioned further, he reiterated, "I can't say because I don't know."

The speculation follows yet another Twitter exchange from the rapper, with Netflix changing their Twitter bio to read, "Petition to get Cardi B to guest star in Season 4 of You," followed by a pitch tweet from Cardi: "So it's episode 1 and I'm at Paris Fashion week shutting it down! I turn around and there stands YOU. Ok finish it off @netflix."

Honestly, it sounds amazing.

As for the rest of the cast, season 3 introduced a whole host of new characters so, depending on where Joe ends up, it's questionable whether the likes of Sherry (Shalita Grant), Cary (Travis Van Winkle), Matthew (Scott Speedman) and Theo (Dylan Arnold) will return.

Photo credit: JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX - Netflix
Photo credit: JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX - Netflix

In the final episode, we saw Joe arriving in Paris in search of Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), so we're pretty sure the librarian will be back too. However, thanks to Joe's killing spree in season three, we know for sure that his latest victims Love (Victoria Pedretti) and Ryan (Michael Foster) won't be returning, unless it's in flashback form.

When was Netflix's You season 4 confirmed?

On 13 October (two days before You season 3 drops), Netflix announced on Twitter that another season was happening. "YOU Season 4 is in the [body] bag," the official account revealed, along with some clips from the story so far.

Some fans have speculated this might mean season 3 and 4 were filmed back to back, meaning Joe and Love's future episodes is already tied up. Eek.

What do we know about Netflix's You season 4?

The truth is, not a lot. Season 3 sees Love and Joe move to the suburbs with her mother and their son Henry in tow. They're married now (and in marriage counselling), and unsurprisingly, haven't been able to fully detach from their violent urges.

As a result, the pair get themselves in some sticky situations involving murder and framing, all the while trying to be good parents to their son and fit in with the clique-y new crowd.

Photo credit: JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX - Netflix
Photo credit: JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX - Netflix

When will Netflix's You season 4 be released?

No word on when it might be released. Season 1 was released on 9 September 2018, season 2 dropped on 26 December 2019, and season 3 on 15 October 2021. So we can *probably* assume it'll be late 2022, judging by the rough timeline of previous seasons.

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