Netflix Is Releasing 'Love Is Blind' Wine So Grab Your Gold Glasses

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Netflix Is Releasing 'Love Is Blind' Winenetflix

Move over, Josh. There's a new wine that promises to be the next viral hit.

With Love Is Blind fans viewers eager for the February 14 season six premiere, Netflix just announced that it's partnering with Cupcake Vineyards to release a wine inspired by the reality dating show.

Titled "Love Is Wine," the Chardonnay is described as having notes of creamy butter, apricot, apple, and a touch of vanilla. And if the "Love Is Wine" bottle looks familiar, it's likely because it takes its cue from the iconic gold wine goblets frequently featured in the hands of Love Is Blind contestants.

We've also heard that the buttery Chardonnay pairs quite well with on-screen drama.

To celebrate the launch of the new wine, which will be available on February 1, Cupcake Vineyards recruited several past contestants from Love Is Blind and sent them back to the pods for a fun video.

Micah Lussier (season four), Taylor Rue (season five), Bartise Bowden (season three), and Marshall Glaze (season four) can be seen schmoozing it up in the pods with a mystery date. Unbeknownst to them, their mystery date is a bottle of "Love Is Wine."

The wine, and the accompanying video, are already a hit on social media, but some fans in the comments aren't impressed with the cameo from Bartise, one of the show's most controversial stars. He fired back at his haters, suggesting that his critics "go CHILL tf out and have some Chardonnay."

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