Netflix releases violent trailer for new revenge thriller Ballerina

ballerina official trailer
Netflix's Ballerina gets violent first trailerNetflix

Netflix has released the first trailer for its violent new revenge thriller Ballerina.

The trailer of the Korean film, which stars Jeon Jong-seo as Okju, gives viewers a sneak peek at a woman ready to risk everything for retribution.

In the trailer Okju is revealed – a former bodyguard consumed by her relentless quest to bring down Choi Pro (Kim Ji-hoon), the man who caused the tragic demise of her beloved ballerina friend Minhee (Park Yoo-rim).

ballerina official trailer

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The trailer offers a first glimpse at the lengths Okju is willing to go to to exact revenge on the person who – seemingly – caused the death of her best friend.

"You know my friend? The one who does ballet? She died," Okju says in one clip while opening a box of pristine pointe shoes with a note from Minhee that reads: 'Please get revenge for me.'

"There's something that I need to do," she continues, alongside shots of guns being loaded and the character stalking through a field of grass. "Something like a hunt."

ballerina official trailer

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Viewers are also offered a look at the film's antagonist – the merciless Choi.

A bloodbath set in what appears to be a cannabis farm is shown, all set to a pulsating beat, and Okju is seen in hallway confronting a man wielding a chainsaw.

"I'll hunt you down all the way to hell," Okju's voice tells Choi during a particularly brutal fight sequence between the pair, before the trailer ends with a sinister warning from the main character:

"Don't you remember? It's me. The ballerina."

Ballerina was directed and written by Lee Chung-hyun.

Ballerina is scheduled to premiere at 28th Busan International Film Festival on October 5, 2023.

It will be available to stream on Netflix on October 6.

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