New Netflix movie Kill Boksoon compared to John Wick in first reviews

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Kill Boksoon compared to John Wick in reviewsNetflix

The first reviews for Netflix's new South Korean action-thriller Kill Boksoon are in, with one reviewer comparing it to John Wick.

The film, which dropped on the streamer today (March 31), follows Gil Boksoon (played by Jeon Do-yeon), a single mother to a teenage girl by day... and a lethal assassin by night.

Boksoon plans to retire from her top-tier killing agency to devote more time to her daughter, but she gets caught up in an unavoidable confrontation while she's on her final assignment.

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The reviews are largely glowing, as the film currently has a 92% approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes.

Although Variety's review was less complimentary, it did state that the film "could be the Korean little sister to the John Wick franchise", which chronicles the exploits of Keanu Reeves' legendary hitman.

"It has flashes of surprising charm for a film whose philosophy runs no deeper than 'You should have led a better life if you wanted to die of natural causes'," the review continued.

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Here's what some of the other critics have been saying:

The Guardian

"Writer-director Byun Sung-hyun, an up-and-coming director, handles the action sequences with real flair, but does an even better job limning the complex, sometimes fraught relationships – especially the mother-daughter one between Bok-soon and Jae-yeong."

Screen International

"Overall, it’s serviceable stuff that, like Boksoon herself, struggles with the emotional connections in life, but sure knows how to land a punch."

jeon doyeon, kill boksoon

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The Hollywood Reporter

"At well over two hours it’s way too long and heads more or less where you think it will, but it’s fun to watch Byun and Jeon deliver the goods both viscerally and, at times, movingly."

Paste Magazine

"Just as Crash Course in Romance is wholesome, Kill Boksoon is a stylish and slick action film, featuring exhilarating fight sequences and cool camera angles to amp up the drama."

Kill Boksoon is available to stream on Netflix.

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