Nestle launches three new Smarties bars with eco-friendly packaging

Laura Hampson
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Smarties has introduced chocolate orange and white chocolate to its flavour range (Nestle)
Smarties has introduced chocolate orange and white chocolate to its flavour range (Nestle)

Smarties are a great 3pm snack, but now that Nestle has launched the candy-coated chocolate in bar form, it may be even better.

Nestle has released three flavours of Smarties bars: milk, white and chocolate orange.

The 90g bars cost £1 and the milk and chocolate orange flavours are available in most supermarkets, but the white chocolate version is exclusive to Asda.

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While it’s not the first time the milk chocolate version has been sold in supermarkets, it has now been rebranded and the two new flavours have been added as well.

The bars now come in eco-friendly packaging too. Instead of the plastic wrapping that used to clad the bars, they're wrapped in a paper sleeve that is completely recyclable.

As well as the bars, the sharing bags of Smarties chocolates will also be made from paper and, by April, Smarties wants to make all of its UK packaging recyclable.

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By doing so, the brand says it will remove 250 million plastic sweet packs sold each year.

Louise Barrett, the head of the Nestlé R&D Center for Confectionery said that the brand decided to transition Smarties packaging to paper in 2018.

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"Making changes was not just switching plastic for paper. We took a holistic approach during the development process. Thanks to the new design we were also able to reduce the packaging material versus the plastic version,” Barrett said in a statement.

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