Neighbours trouble as Nell hatches a new ruthless scheme

Neighbours spoilers follow from Wednesday's episode (October 4), which is streaming now on Amazon Freevee.

Neighbours schoolgirl Nell Rebecchi has resumed her ruthless plan to sabotage her father Toadie's new marriage.

Nell is refusing to accept Toadie's decision to tie the knot with Terese Willis, still believing that they're not right for each other.

Last week, Terese discovered that Nell had been leaving out significant reminders of Toadie's ex-wife Melanie Pearson to unsettle the newlyweds.

Terese agreed to keep quiet about the revelation, but she hoped that Nell would return the favour by putting a stop to her game-playing.

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In Wednesday's visit to Ramsay Street, Terese continued to make an effort with Nell and was pleased when this seemed to be working.

This coincided with another milestone day for the Rebecchi family, as Toadie officially sold his old home of Number 30 to the Varga-Murphys.

The house sale brought back memories of Toadie's late wife Sonya, as the Ramsay Street favourite reflected on how he'd expected Number 30 to be their family's "forever home".

Toadie and Nell also paid a visit to Sonya's mural, wanting to feel close to her at such an important moment.

toadie and nell rebecchi in neighbours
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Nell's thoughts turned back to Melanie when she discovered that Toadie was still in possession of her goodbye note.

Toadie had previously claimed to have disposed of the letter, so Nell used this situation to her advantage as she cleverly engineered a situation for Terese to find it.

Quick to draw attention to the letter, Nell 'innocently' asked: "I thought dad burned it or something?"

Clearly unhappy, Terese replied: "So did I. I mean, he told me he had…"

rebekah elmaloglou as terese willis in neighbours
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Could there be trouble in paradise for Toadie and Terese already?

Last month, Toadie recalled details of Melanie's sudden departure, including how she'd walked out on their family because she didn't feel comfortable as a stepmum to Nell and Hugo.

With Melanie due to return to Ramsay Street later in the season, some fans have speculated that there's more to her departure than meets the eye.

Neighbours releases new episodes from Mondays to Thursdays for free on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US. In Australia, the show airs from Mondays to Thursdays at 4.30pm on Channel 10, with a 6.30pm repeat screening on 10 Peach.

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