Neighbors heard ‘noises’ coming from a tree in Florida. Then they saw it was alive

Daytona Beach Fire Department

A kitten stranded for three days in a pine tree in Daytona Beach finally got a lucky break.

According to an incident report from the local fire department, crews were dispatched to a residential area regarding a cat up a tree in front of a home.

Neighbors kept hearing “meowing noises,” Jessica Wolfelschneider, spokeswoman for Daytona Beach Fire Department, told the Miami Herald, and soon realized a kitten was up there and couldn’t get down on its own.

Crews arrived at around 6 p.m. Saturday. Wearing a safety harness, helmet and gloves, a firefighter snatched up the kitten and “safely placed it in a bucket,” says the report.

The good Samaritans who called 911 gave the kitten food and water once it was on the ground. Wolfelschneider noted that the kitten was kept on their indoor porch until the owners could be found.

As of Wednesday, no one has claimed the kitty, and the people who found it are going to keep it.

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“Rescue as old as time,” said the department on a Facebook post, which included a picture of the furball safely in a firefighter’s arms. “DBFD rescues one of our four-legged friends.”