Negan didn’t need Lucille to kill this major character on ‘The Walking Dead’

Once again, The Walking Dead said goodbye to a key player. Whether it be tucking tail and running from the failed assault on the Hilltop, slaughtering the garbage people, or planning a coupe, Negan had finally had enough of Simon. But instead of letting Lucille do the dirty work like in the past, Negan took a more hands-on approach, literally. Negan gave Simon a chance to beat him in hand-to-hand combat, which ended with Negan choking Simon to death.

It appeared that Simon wasn’t going to be the only one to go. Negan found out from Laura that Dwight had been working with Rick, and needless to say Negan wasn’t too happy. Dwight may end up thinking Simon got off lucky. “I thought about killing you. But then I thought that would be a little too dignified for a backstabbing, double-crossing dirtbag such as yourself. No, Dwighty boy, I got plans for you,” Negan said to Dwight.

While Dwight is still alive, we may be saying goodbye to any number of characters in the near future as Negan appears to have abandoned his policy of treating people as assets, at least when it comes to the Hilltop. Michonne read Negan the letter Carl had written him, but it didn’t get the response Carl was hoping for. In the letter, Carl asks Negan for peace. Negan responded, “There is no getting out of it now. I wouldn’t accept your surrender if you came to me on your knees. See, winning isn’t about beating you. Winning is about killing every last one of you.”