Nearby postgame gunfire mars McClatchy-Valley high school football night at college campus

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After a nonleague football game without incident played out at at Cosumnes River College on Friday night, gunfire at the nearby light rail station alarmed spectators, but staffers at McClatchy and Valley high schools “swiftly moved our fans back toward and into the stadium to remain safe,” according to McClatchy principal Andrea Egan in an email to staff, faculty and families.

McClatchy won 69-0 to move to 4-1, the program’s best start in years. A shot at the nearby light rail station rang out as spectators were leaving the venue. Some continued to head to the parking lot while others were encouraged by school staffers to remain put and to remain calm. Gunfire rarely disrupts prep games but school faculty and staff are always on the alert for any such chaos, including at Sheldon on Sept. Sept. 17 when Homecoming night turned to chaos night at the half when someone yelled “Gun!” in the packed stands, leading to a panicked exit. Police are on hand at all prep football games at the college.

No gun was found at Sheldon and no one was harmed. The second half of that game against Franklin finished Monday at Sheldon. At any prep venue anywhere in the state, those working the games — faculty, staff, security — are trained to be on alert because a stray bullet can travel and cause significant damage.

Wrote Egan, “I’m very proud of our fans who immediately and calmly took shelter until local law enforcement cleared everyone to disperse and head home.”

Sacramento Police Department spokesman Officer Ryan Woo said responding officers found some bullet casings in the area after getting reports of gunshots around 9:45 p.m., but received no reports of injuries and weren’t sure where the shooter went.

Egan in the email also thanked the staff at both schools on site and “additional teachers, coaches and McClatchy community members who put student safety first in this frightening event. ... This was an unfortunate and scary end to what was otherwise a proud evening for our team and Legion (rooting section) fans, cheer team, dancers and families. Please rest assured that we will continue to work closely with our district Safety Office to keep students and fans safe at future athletic and extra-curricular activities.”

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