NCIS: Hawai’i Video: Vanessa Lachey and LL COOL J Hype Season 3 (‘We’re Bringing It’), Offer 1-Word #Kacy Tease

Jane Tennant is feeling just a little bit “dented” when CBS’ NCIS: Hawai’i kicks off Season 3 on Monday, Feb. 12 — though the typically rock-solid Special Agent in Charge would be the last one to admit it.

Tennant, after all, went through it at the close of Season 2, deceived as she was by both a former (and “dead”) asset and her slippery-as-a-snake mentor, Maggie Shaw. Along the way, she saw very special ally Charlie 1 take a bullet to the center of his bean.

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So when Season 3 arrives, series lead Vanessa Lachey shares in the TVLine video Q&A above, “I’m trying to back in the groove, and I need this guy” — visiting NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna, played by LL COOL J aka James Todd Smith — “to help me out, to give me some inspiration, some motivation.”

Detailing his alter ego’s capacity to help Tennant get back out in the field after some time off, LL COOL J says, “Sam’s been through so much” during 13 seasons of NCIS: Los Angeles. “He’s seen a lot, he’s done a lot, he’s used to dealing with the PTSD of it all… He is a sounding board that she can trust.”

Lachey and LL COOL L go on to preview how Special Agent Jesse Boone (played by Noah Mills) has been faring as “boss junior” during Tennant’s downtime, Sam’s involvement in high-octane action scenes (in addition to being an “angel” on Jane’s shoulder), and whether we’ll get updates on any of the other Los Angeles NCIS agents.

The duo close things out by fielding a TVLine reader Q about Jane’s (oddly troubled?) love life, offering #Kacy fans a provocative one-word teaser, and then hyping the surprises the tightly packed, 10-episode season has in store.

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