NC students must be able to distinguish Christianity from culture, fact from fiction

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Teach truth

I learned about slavery from American history professor Anne Scott (Duke University, 1960). As a white guy I felt “guilt, anguish.” As a religion major I felt worse learning how preachers used the Bible to justify slavery.

I would not have felt any such discomfort had the GOP’s new curriculum guidelines been in place. Instead, I would have graduated with a closed mind, forever incapable of distinguishing Christianity from culture or fact from fiction.

I encourage N.C. GOP lawmakers to entrust students with the truth and remember the biblical promise: “The truth will set you free.”

Zach Thomas, Charlotte

Teaching history

Regarding “‘Critical Race Theory’ bill asks North Carolina schools to lie,” (May 13 Opinion):

Contributing columnist Gene Nichols focused on a litany of injustices against Blacks, ignoring civil rights laws, affirmative action, and efforts to overcome the stain of slavery on a nation that was indeed founded on high principles.

No, our civil war did not eliminate racism, and racists will exist as long as humanity does, but in the U.S. Blacks have reached the pinnacles in every field, including politics, by their personal efforts and the federal role in leveling the playing field. We are still striving to improve.

Nobody is asking schools to lie. Teach kids history and tell them what they can aspire to, not to be ashamed of the country. Where are they going to find a better one?

Phil Clutts, Harrisburg

CMS funding

Regarding “Mecklenburg county manager defends withholding CMS funds,” (May 12):

It’s very easy for Mecklenburg County leaders to blame Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for the failing test scores and poor reading performance of many CMS students. Withholding funds is not the “carrot” county leaders think it is, as teachers, principals and other school employees are working as hard as they can to educate these youngsters. To find out what the problem is with educating these children, I suggest county leaders sign up as substitute teachers for a couple of weeks. This may give them the kind of insight needed to make a competent funding decision.

Fran Zywiec, Concord

Being fair

A May 12 Forum writer believes it’s “not fair” to ask a person who was earning $10 to accept $7.25. He says if employers would pay higher wages people would return to work. What’s unfair is for a business owner who has struggled to keep his business alive during the pandemic to pay higher wages even if it means those higher wages would be the last straw that closes his business permanently.

Tom Spencer, Waxhaw

Biden, Israel

Whenever Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is in trouble, he ignites the flames of Palestinian massacre. World leaders condemn, except the U.S.

If the Biden administration claims to stand for justice and human rights, it cannot be selective. It is sad to see U.S. officials mince words and apply moral equivalency while innocent people die, places of worship become targets of Israeli aggression, and hatred among Muslims grows. This is not good for our national interest.

Our partiality and blind support of Israel are the main hindrances on the road to a peaceful solution.

Naseem Khan, Leland

GOP extremes

The GOP officially died May 12, 2021 when House Republicans stripped Rep. Liz Cheney of her leadership role. While I do not agree with Cheney or the late Sen. John McCain on a lot of issues, I would never question their feelings on country over party. The new GOP is now strictly courting the extreme.

Stephen Sissons, Charlotte

A COVID lifeboat?

When my friends express reluctance to get a COVID vaccine, I’m reminded of this old joke: A flood inundated a man’s house. As water rose, he fled to the roof where he prayed. A rescue boat came but he refused it saying “God will save me.” A second came. Again he said “God will save me.” Finally after the third boat came and he refused, he drowned. Upon entering heaven he asked “Why didn’t you save me?” to which God replied “I sent three boats.”

Perhaps the COVID vaccines are God’s lifeboats to humanity. Maybe everyone should get on board.

George Evanoff, Midland

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