This NC restaurant ranks among nation’s best new dining spots. Why fans crave it

A North Carolina restaurant recently opened its doors — and customers can’t get enough of the food.

Now, the restaurant ranks among the best new places to eat in the country, according to results published Wednesday, Nov. 29.

The Italian dining spot — Ever Andalo in Charlotte — made it onto a list of “Top 25 Best New Restaurants of 2023. The list includes fan-favorite U.S. eateries that have launched since January 2022.

To create its rankings, the review website Yelp said it studied “a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews” that customers left through August 7, 2023. The website also turned to a dining trend expert to help determine the top new restaurants.

What makes the restaurant a fan favorite?

Ever Andalo landed the No. 8 spot and was the only place in North Carolina to make it onto the list. The restaurant in Charlotte’s NoDa neighborhood serves cured meats, cannoli and other Italian-inspired favorites.

On Yelp, some customers raved about pasta they said was well cooked and flavorful. Others were fans of the focaccia, a bread that’s a nod to the restaurant’s simple and local approach to food, according to its website.

Ever Andalo also sources some ingredients from Italy, where its owners became inspired during a past trip. So it might not come as a surprise that the restaurant bears the name Andalo, a community in northern Italy.

“On our journey all those years ago, we got to experience Italian food in a very unique way — with the locals living there, making dishes that they’ve made for generations, pulling in inspiration from all over Italy, and being in the north, witnessing German and Austrian influences as well,” the restaurant wrote on its website.

In addition to being praised for its food, Ever Andalo’s customer service helped it garner more than four out of five stars on Yelp.

Ever Andalo, which launched in March 2022, isn’t the only newly-opened Charlotte restaurant to make its mark. Recently, the city’s Bird Pizzeria joined Queeny’s in Durham on a list of most beloved new dining spots in the South, McClatchy News reported.

In the latest rankings, the nation’s best new restaurant was Anima by EDO in Las Vegas.

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