Nazem Kadri on his sibling chemistry with Leo Komarov

Back in 2012, a still young and fresh-faced Nazem Kadri was assigned a new roommate. At a time when sharing was the only option for budding Maple Leafs, Leo Komarov stepped off a plane from the KHL and into a big brother role for his future linemate.

Kadri says the pair hit it off immediately and remain great friends.

“He’s been one of the guys who’s been there with me from the very start,” Kadri told Yahoo Sports at MasterCard Centre in Toronto.

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Physicality has always been the cornerstone of 30-year-old Komarov’s game but with Kadri developing into the kind of shutdown centre that has fans whispering Selke Trophy, the two have formed a unbreakable partnership.

“I think our style of play really compliments each other,” said Kadri. “We both like to play physical and agitate a little bit.

“I would hate to play against us.”

Nazem Kadri and Leo Komarov have remained great friends ever since they roomed together in their early years with the Maple Leafs.

Kadri, who is on pace for a 40-goal season, says his linemate has helped improve his game while describing their communication style as uncivilized and like siblings.

“We’ll freak out on each other one second and the next, it’s like it never happened”

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