National Sport Governing Bodies Support Team USA Olympic and Paralympic Success

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., August 05, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With the athletes of the world assembled in Tokyo for the Olympic Games and soon the Paralympics, the eyes of America are focused on Team USA and the stars of sport. Americans have been eagerly celebrating their stories and accomplishments the past two weeks.

Team USA athletes, ranging in age from 15-57, began their journeys in small towns and big cities across our country, through local programs, clubs and associations, supported by teams of volunteers, bringing the dreams of youth to life through sport.

"As we cheer on our teams in Tokyo, a new generation of athletes will be inspired to dream of representing their country on the world stage," said Pat Kelleher, chair of the National Governing Bodies Council, which represents the 55 national sport governing bodies across America. "The images from Tokyo will light the fire within millions of children across America, sparking their dreams just as it did for today’s members of Team USA in their youth."

As the Tokyo Games come to a close, the sport governing bodies salute Team USA’s 613 Tokyo Olympians and its 240 Paralympians to come. "We recognize and thank the thousands of sport leaders, coaches, officials, organizers, volunteers and parents who support the programs where each of these athletes got their start," said NGBC Vice Chair Li Li Leung. "As we proudly watch these athletes in Tokyo, we’ll be thinking about how each of them began in a local program and progressed to the world stage with the support of the millions of people who make sport happen in America. Their support is critical to so many making it here today."

The vast network of sport programs is supported by 55 national sport governing bodies, which all exist to foster sport in America for young and old, and to enable the Olympic and Paralympic dreams of athletes from all backgrounds to succeed. Whatever your passion, there’s a national sport governing body working behind the scenes to ensure safe, fair and accessible play, and to guide families through a lifetime of sport enjoyment and fulfillment. "We all share a love of sport, and we all cherish the stories of belonging, motivation, overcoming, transforming, and achieving," said Leung.

Together, these organizations form the nucleus that leads from local leagues and clubs to national championships, all the way through the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Trials, to Team USA and beyond. They help provide lifelong opportunities for participants of all ages and abilities to grow, learn, stay healthy, and keep playing.

"As national sport governing body leaders, we are excited to cheer on and celebrate our incredible Team USA athletes in Tokyo," said Kelleher. "They are an inspiration to us all. We are also proud to welcome the next generation of athletes, inspired by these Games, to follow their dreams as far as they lead."

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