National gas prices drop to around $4. These stations sell fuel for under $5 in Sacramento

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Gas prices are plummeting across the country, including in California, where the average fuel price was $5.397 Wednesday, according to the American Automobile Association.

That price represents a nearly 17 cent drop from a week and a 70-cent drop from a month ago, with prices expected to fall even further, according to the AAA.

In Sacramento, fuel prices have also been taking a nose dive since around mid June, when they hit a record high. The capital region recorded an average of $5.25 Wednesday.

With the national average for gas now hovering around the $4 threshold, some stations in Sacramento are selling gas for under $5. The Sacramento Bee rounded up the cheapest places to get gas in the area, according to Gas Buddy as of 8 a.m. Wednesday.

  • Walmart, 8901 Gerber Road, Sacramento: $4.57

  • Costco, 7981 E Stockton Blvd., Sacramento: $4.69

  • ARCO, 5751 Hillsdale Blvd., Sacramento: $4.69 (cash-only price)

  • Sinclair, 5200 Manzanita Ave., Sacramento: $4.69 (cash-only price)

  • Snacks & Gas, 2199 El Camino Ave., Sacramento: $4.69 (cash-only price)

  • ARCO, 2200 El Camino Ave., Sacramento: $4.73 (cash-only price)

  • ARCO, 5440 San Juan Ave., Citrus Heights: $4.75 (cash-only price)

  • Kwik Serv, 5960 24th St., Sacramento: $4.79

  • ARCO, 10670 Coloma Road, Rancho Cordova: $4.79 (cash-only price)

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