National Boyfriend Day 2023: What is it and how to celebrate?

British sex lives revealed in new study (Andrew Matthews/PA) (Andrew Matthews / PA)
British sex lives revealed in new study (Andrew Matthews/PA) (Andrew Matthews / PA)

It seems these days there’s a celebration for everything, with National Boyfriend Day coming up next.

Celebrated on October 3, in contrast to National Girlfriend Day, this day is geared towards men — and their significant others are expected to give them some extra appreciation on this day.

So what exactly do we know about this annual day of recognition? Where did it begin and what are you meant to do on this day? Let’s find out.

When is National Boyfriend Day?

 (Alexander Grey / Unsplash)
(Alexander Grey / Unsplash)

National Boyfriend Day reportedly falls on October 3 each year.

It comes two months after National Girlfriend Day, which is celebrated each year on August 1.

It’s worth remembering that National Boyfriend Day isn’t actually an official holiday, meaning you can’t ask your boss for a day off to celebrate this with your other half.

What’s more, there isn’t really a formal recognition about when National Boyfriend Day started, or who initiated the celebration. According to the National Day Calendar, their team is still researching where the origins of the celebration originated.

Despite this, it’s still celebrated by thousands around the world each year. Usually, it tends to be quite a popular social media trend — so expect lots of loved-up posts appearing on your feed on October 3.

 (AFP / Getty)
(AFP / Getty)

How do you celebrate National Boyfriend Day?

National Boyfriend Day is probably going to be big on social media. People are encouraged to use #NationalBoyfriendDay while sharing a post of their lovers on their profiles.

According to the National Day Calendar, people who have a boyfriend can “do something nice” for their significant others on the special day. The site also shares this handy list of tips for those who might not know how to treat their boyfriend:

  • Let him know how important he is to you.

  • Consider taking him on a scavenger hunt.

  • Surprise him with a romantic getaway to a place he’s talked about.

  • Take him to a movie of his choosing.

  • Get tickets to a sporting event of his favourite team.