Natalie Wood’s daughter wants to celebrate her mother's life, not death, in new documentary

In the new documentary “Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind” Natasha Gregson Wagner, Wood’s daughter, tells Yahoo Entertainment she hopes the film provides closure surrounding her mother’s death.

A Hollywood icon, Wood drowned near Catalina Island when her daughter was 11 years old. Actor Robert Wagner, Wood’s husband and Gregson Wagner’s stepfather, was on board the yacht the night she died and has been under suspicion for years. In the doc, Gregson Wagner sits down with her stepdad for a pivotal scene that she says drives the film. “It was very hard and painful and uncomfortable at times, but, you know, very essential,” she explains. “I really do hope that this documentary puts that speculation to rest.”

Gregson Wagner wants to celebrate her mother’s life, career and who she was as a mother and wife, instead of her death. “I've always had closure.” she explains. “I hope it provides closure for the people that haven't.”

“Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind” premieres May 5 on HBO.