Nancy Pelosi says that 'deranged' Trump should be prosecuted for inciting insurrection

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared on 60 Minutes Sunday night where she left no doubt who she blames for the events of January 6: President Trump. Last Wednesday, hundreds of Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol in an effort to stop the certification of the presidential election following two months of Trump claiming the election was stolen from him. Five people were killed in the melee, including a Capitol police officer. Pelosi believes that Trump is to blame and that he should be prosecuted.

“Sadly, the person who’s running the executive branch is a deranged, unhinged, dangerous President of the United States, and only a number of days until we can be protected from him,” Pelosi said. “And he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him.”

Pelosi later added, “This president is guilty of inciting insurrection. He has to pay a price for that.”

This was the first time that the Capitol has been stormed since the British did it during the War of 1812, and when speaking of it, Pelosi had to take a moment to stop herself from getting emotional.

“What happened,” Pelosi said before stopping to gather herself, “was a terrible, terrible violation of the Capitol, of the first branch of government, the legislative branch, by the President of the United States.”