'Naked & Afraid' contestant can't handle biting insects 'crawling into my private parts'

The Chihuahuan Desert was the backdrop for Sunday's "Naked and Afraid," and the swarms of biting gnats and colonies of stinging ants that inhabit the area left contestant Meghann miserable.

"The feeling of them crawling into my private parts and areas of my body that I don't want them in is just a little too much for me," Meghann said. "They're swarming me. They crawl up in-between my vagina lips. I can't handle it."

Ultimately Meghann spoke with a producer and decided to leave the competition. Fans understood why she decided to exit the show just 4 days into the challenge, with one person tweeting, "I can’t say much... I can’t handle a couple of mosquitoes in my house. No freakin way I would do any better than her... and I don’t have a vagina!!!"

While the ordeal was a painful one, Meghann learned a lot about herself. "I don't really belong out in the wilderness like this," said Meghann. "My body, it's not really strong enough, I guess. It's just amazing how hard it can be."