Must Read: Howard Alumni Discuss the School's Wales Bonner Moment, What's Going on With Michael Cera and CeraVe?

Wales Bonner Menswear Fall 2024.<p>Photo: Estrop/Getty Images</p>
Wales Bonner Menswear Fall 2024.

Photo: Estrop/Getty Images

Howard alumni discuss the school's Wales Bonner moment
Wales Bonner's Paris Men's Week Fall 2024 runway featured multiple nods to Howard University through collegiate sweaters, and Essence interviewed Howard alumni about their thoughts on the HBCU being an inspiration for the collection. Blackness is often commodified through cultural appropriation, Essence's Kerane Marcellus writes, but Wales Bonner is a Black-owned brand with designer Grace Wales Bonner at its helm and the use of Howard's likeness within the brand's show has been largely well received. "It's cool to know how inspired [Grace] was by Howard, enough to put together a high fashion collection based around it. That's not something you see often," music executive and Howard alum Mike Hamilton told Essence. {Essence}

Is Michael Cera a skin-care influencer now?
Actor Michael Cera was spotted around New York City with large plastic bags filled with CeraVe lotion, begging the question: Is Cera a skin-care influencer now? There's pretty strong evidence that Cera is participating in some sort of sponsored partnership with the skin-care brand: Haley Kalil, a CeraVe partner, posted about the Cera sighting on Instagram Tuesday. Then on Thursday, Cera appeared on Bobbi Althoff's podcast to address "claims" that he is the mogul behind CeraVe. {The Cut/paywalled}

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