Which muppets were named after New York hotels? The Saturday quiz

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The questions

1 What is thought to have originated in marmots from Kyrgyzstan?
2 Which logo features an incomplete jigsaw globe?
3 Who is the only writer to win both the Booker Prize and Carnegie Medal?
4 The High Water Mark of the Rebellion Monument is on which battlefield?
5 Where did the Reggae Sunsplash festival debut in 1978?
6 Which muppets were named after New York hotels?
7 Hamlet says “Alas, poor…” about Yorick and what else?
8 Crayford and Romford are London’s last venues for which sport
What links:
Cookiecutter; goblin; megamouth; thresher; wobbegong?
10 California, 1848; Victoria, 1851; Witwatersrand, 1886; Yukon, 1896?
11 Comma; corkscrew; rod; spherical; spiral?
12 Aminul Islam, Bangladesh; Kevin O’Brien, Ireland; Rahmat Shah, Afghanistan?
13 Hermes, 1; Aphrodite 2; Ares 4; Zeus, 5; Cronus 6; Poseidon 8?
14 Maximilien Robespierre; Dian Moran; jealousy; absinthe?
15 Kinder Surprise; haggis; fresh ackee?

The answers

1 Black Death.
2 Wikipedia.
3 Penelope Lively.
4 Gettysburg.
5 Jamaica (Montego Bay).
6 Statler and Waldorf.
7 His father’s ghost.
8 Greyhound racing.
9 Types of shark.
10 Gold discovered.
11 Basic shapes of bacteria.
12 First century scorers for newest Test cricket nations.
13 Greek equivalent to Roman gods/planets: Mercury; Venus; Mars; Jupiter; Saturn; Neptune.
14 Green nicknames: sea green incorruptible (Carlyle); Green Goddess TV fitness expert; green eyed monster; green fairy.
15 Food that are banned in the USA.