My Mum, Your Dad's new arrivals tease drama to come

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My Mum, Your Dad's arrivals tease drama to comeHarry Page - ITV

My Mum, Your Dad spoilers follow.

My Mum, Your Dad has unveiled its new arrivals, with drama seemingly on the horizon after a few heads were turned.

The ITV reality show has been a pleasant watch thus far, with the middle-aged singletons getting along swimmingly at The Retreat.

In tonight’s (September 14) episode, the group settled down for dates and a luxurious dinner, before proceedings were interrupted by two new arrivals – Tolullah and Martin M.

tollulah, my mum your dad

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As the pair met their new peers, Martin in particular ruffled a few feathers with his confidence, with Monique hinting that her head could be turned despite striking up a good bond with Martin H.

“I’ve always struggled meeting people who are on my wavelength,” said Martin prior to joining the show. “So, I thought, if they’re going to line up several single ladies, I’m in. What’s not to like?

“When you’re older you know what you want and what you’re looking for - you’re a bit more pragmatic. When you’re younger you go headlong into the wrong relationships with the wrong people. When you’re older you’re more refined with what you like,” he added.

Tollulah, a design consultant from London, was also quick to cast her eye on suitable matches, and revealed that she likes the element of surprise.

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“I'm one of those people, even at the end of a relationship, [that is] never sad,” she said. “I find it exciting not knowing what's around the corner. I'm a natural optimist who always thinks that something great is happening - in life good things have always been around the corner for me.

“I'm quite straightforward and blunt. I will always say how I feel. I am worried that my bluntness and my straightforwardness wouldn't necessarily be appreciated by everyone, or come across in the right way,” she added.

It remains to be seen if the new arrivals will cause any major rifts, but tomorrow’s episode is sure to be good viewing regardless!

My Mum, Your Dad airs on weekdays on ITV1 at 9pm.

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