Multiple MLB players are walking up to the Walmart yodeling kid

The internet’s newest viral sensation is the Walmart yodeling kid, an 11-year-old named Mason Ramsey whose rendition of Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues” brought down the house of a Walmart.

You can check out the kid’s talented pipes below in a video that has already racked up more than 10 million views.

Now, MLB players are taking notice.

Dodgers utility player Kiké Hernandez used a recording of the song as his walk-up music for multiple plate appearances in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ game against the Oakland Athletics.

That’s definitely not the first time Dodger Stadium has seen some humorous country music used as a walk-up song. Who could forget when the Dodgers dug up umpire Joe West’s country music album?

Hernandez wasn’t alone, as Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly also had some fun, this time with the remix version of the yodeling kid.

Considering both teams ended up winning by significant margins — the Dodgers 4-0 and the Red Sox 14-1 — maybe Hernandez and Kelly are onto something.

Dodgers utility player Kiké Hernandez had some fun with his walk-up music on Tuesday. (Getty Images)

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