Mulgrave advances dog by-law amendments, tables fire by-law amendments

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GUYSBOROUGH – Mulgrave town council held a special meeting on Aug. 2 to pass second readings of amendments to dog and fire prevention by-laws.

The meeting began with discussion and alterations to the original amendment to the dog by-law which had stated that only one dog may be under the direct control of one person when not on the owner’s property.

Councillor Bob Russell read out the proposed change, “A person walking a dog or dogs must be fully responsible as well as physically capable of controlling said dog or dogs at all times. The dog or dogs must be on leash at all times and if considered fierce and dangerous, must be muzzled as well, any time they are not on the owner’s property.”

Mulgrave CAO suggested a rewrite of another section of the by-law to state, “A dog deemed fierce and dangerous is required to be under restraint while outside the home on its owner’s property, ie: tethered, electric fence, etc.” Thus, removing the earlier condition of the amendment that stated such dogs had to be muzzled any time they were outside the home.

After discussion among councillors, the second reading passed unanimously.

Members of the public who attended the meeting had questions about some components of the by-law, such as the provision of a by-law officer in the town, and were told Kyle Pellerin serves as the by-law officer — a shared resource between the Municipality of the District of Guysborough and the Town of Mulgrave.

Others asked about the definition of fierce and dangerous dogs, which is defined in the by-law as any dog which shows the propensity, tendency or disposition to attack without provocation any other domestic animals or people and/or any dog that has bitten a domestic animal or person without provocation. It is not a breed specific definition.

Following the discussion on the dog by-law, council discussed amendments to the fire prevention by-law. Past and present members of the local volunteer fire department were on hand for the discussion and a decision was made by council to table the second reading of the amendment to the fire prevention by-law until further consultation with the fire department could take place.

Lois Ann Dort, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Guysborough Journal