How much will your train fare go up?

Tammy Hughes
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From Monday rail passengers in England and Wales will be hit by above inflation fare rises.

Ticket prices will increase by around 2.6 per cent which represents the Retail Prices Index measure of inflation from July 2020, plus one percentage point.

Passengers in Wales face a similar increase, whereas the Scottish Government is implementing smaller rises of 1.6 per cent and 0.6 per cent for peak and off-peak travel respectively.

How much will my train fare go up?

Season ticket holders travelling from Woking into London can expect their fare to go up £89 from £3,440 to £3,529 from Monday.

Commuters travelling from Brighton to London (any route) can expect a fare increase of £129, taking the cost of their season tickets from £4,980 to £5,109.

Those travelling from Liverpool to Manchester (any route) will see the price of their season ticket rise £70 from £2,692 to £2,762.

Prices for a season ticket from Neath to Cardiff will rise by £47 from £1,808 to £1,855. While a season ticket from Whitehaven to Carlisle will go up £53 from £2,032 to £2,085.

The price from Welwyn Garden City to London will rise by £81 from £3,100 to £3,181.

Season tickets from Gloucester to Birmingham (any route) will go up £113 from £4,356 to £4,469.

While those travelling from Tweedbank to Edinburgh will increase by £46 from £2,900 to £2,946.

Season tickets from Bangor to Llandudno will increase £31 from £1,204 to £1,235.

Edinburgh to Glasgow (any route) will go up £67 from £4,200 to £4,267.

*Figures are based on a 2.6% rise in England and Wales, and a 1.6% increase in Scotland. Actual prices will be released on Monday.

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