How much snow fell in Boise last weekend? And what’s still to come? Here are the numbers

Sarah A. Miller | Idaho Statesman

Hope you’re not sick of the snow yet, Boise, because it’s only getting started.

The Treasure Valley received at least an inch of snow over the weekend — and up to 4 inches the farther northwest along Interstate 84 you went — as storms that have pounded the Idaho mountains the past week crept into the valley.

Boise will earn a slight reprieve for the next couple of days, but a new round of storms is poised to hit the region later this week, dropping another 1 to 3 inches of snow.

“We’re looking right now at some light accumulations,” National Weather Service meteorologist Chuck Redman told the Idaho Statesman on Monday.

“A few inches of snow going through the weekend as this next system comes in on Friday and starts heading out on Sunday, so more snow for the weekend here in the Treasure Valley,” he continued. “And then potentially trying to clear things off by Monday.”

Areas north of Boise will see even more snow. Over the past week, Bogus Basin has reported 22 inches of fresh snow, while Tamarack Resort reported 6 inches in the past 48 hours.

Redman said these areas could see up to 6 inches over the weekend, but the Weather Service would have a better forecast closer to the end of the week.

Boise has been in the path of a flurry of storms in recent weeks because of a northwest flow that is bringing cold air and moisture into the region, Redman said. The flow results from a La Niña winter, typically resulting in winters with below-average temperatures and above-average precipitation for Idaho.

A high-pressure system is also sitting just south of the Aleutian Islands across the Bering Sea, Redman said, helping push the northwest flow more strongly into Idaho.

“Right now, the models ... have this type of pattern at least into next week. We still are going to be in this active pattern, at least through the middle of next week,” Redman said. “So there will be some brief breaks in this flow, but we’re going to stay in an active pattern at least for the next seven to 10 days.”

Although the Weather Service doesn’t forecast 10 days out, more snow can be expected mid-to-late next week for Boise.

The Climate Prediction Center’s two-week outlook gives Idaho a 40-50% chance of below-average temperatures and a 40-50% chance of above-average precipitation.