How much rain and snow fell across Sacramento and Tahoe in latest storm? Here’s an update

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After two days of on-and-off showers, Sacramento gets a sunny break with cool temperatures.

This week’s storm brought moments of heavy precipitation to the Sacramento region. For the rest of the week you can expect tranquil weather with cooler than normal temperatures, said Scott Rowe, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

“We should be right around 70 or 71 for this time of year in late March,” Rowe said. “We’re going to be well below that, but warmer than yesterday.”

Here’s how much rain and snow fell in the area:

48-hour rain totals

Below are 48-hour rain totals as of Thursday morning, according to the weather service:

  • Sacramento: 1.07 inches

  • Roseville: 1.07 inches

  • Auburn: 1.48 inches

  • Folsom: 1.38 inches

  • Placerviller: 1.45 inches

  • Davis: 0.61 inches

48-hour snow totals

Below are 48-hour snow totals as of Thursday morning, according to the weather service:

  • Central Sierra Snow Lab: 1.8 feet

  • Kirkwood: Almost 2 feet

  • Sierra at Tahoe: 1.4 feet

  • Sugar Bowl: 1.6 feet

On Wednesday, the Central Sierra Snow Lab reported it had passed the 700-inch benchmark for the season. It is expecting more snow over the weekend and early next week.

According to the California Department of Water Resources, 48 station are reporting snow pack totals in the Central Sierra at 233% of normal as of March 30.

What’s to come

Yes — more rain is forecast.

Relatively minor storms are expected compared to the last two day, Rowe said.

A slight chance of showers is forecast for Sunday night and Monday, according to the weather service. Temperature highs will reach 64 degrees this week and dip to 39 degrees on Friday night.

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