How Much Food You Probably Need To Buy For A Fondue Party

Fondue party
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Next time you're hosting a party at your place, ditch the charcuterie board and opt for a fondue pot. We have all come to anticipate the trend of pairing various meats, cheeses, and other bites together on a wooden display for partygoers to casually grab as they please. However, a pot of melted cheese fondue provides everything you love about charcuterie food with the added interactive atmosphere that will bring guests together.

Fondue is the perfect way to satisfy your craving for something cheesy while enjoying it in a fun and sophisticated way. Contrary to popular belief, fondue is not actually a type of cheese, rather it refers to the dish itself, consisting of a melted dip or sauce along with many dippable small bites. The word fondue comes from the French word meaning, "melted."

While it might seem extra fancy, it only takes a few ingredients to make and with the wide variety of dipping options, grabbing supplies for your next shindig will be a breeze. Just make sure you have a party headcount before going to the grocery store and get roughly half a pound per person.

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Make Sure You Have Enough Fondue To Go Around

Fondue pot
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How much fondue is needed to please a crowd? Well, it depends on how many guests RSVPd. Typically, the average guest will consume about 4 ounces of cheese fondue if it is being served as an appetizer, and no less than 7 ounces if you're opting to serve it as a full meal. For one pot of fondue, you'll need around one cup of each cheese you're planning to add, along with one cup of white wine and a few pinches of any other spices or additional seasonings.

Proper fondue etiquette recommends pairing no more than four people per fondue pot or things can get cramped. If you are planning a larger party, consider buying multiple fondue pots along with enough cheese to fill each pot.

To be properly prepared for your night of fondue, make sure you have enough utensils and ingredients for each guest. Each person should have a fondue fork long enough to dip food into the melted cheese without too much hassle and a small plate to place foods both before and after they have been dipped. It's good to have a separate set of utensils if you're also doing chocolate fondue, otherwise, you'll be doing dishes in the middle of your party.

Which Types Of Cheese And Snacks You'll Need

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Not every type of cheese is worthy of the fondue pot. Writer and fondue expert, Tim Neville, told The Splendid Table that the two most basic cheeses needed for this cheesy dip are gruyere and vacherin, along with some white wine or kirsch, a type of Swiss brandy. The types of cheeses used to make fondue can also be changed and improved upon based on taste preference or you can opt for a dessert fondue with melted chocolate and fruit.

Be sure you also have plenty of food for dipping — small potatoes, cut meats, vegetables, and cubes of bread are all great foods to pair with the melted cheese dish. We recommend cutting them up into similar-sized pieces, which will make it easier for your friends or family to enjoy. With these tips in mind, you're on your way to enjoying some delicious fondue and making sure your guests have plenty to go around.

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