How much does the NHL coaching carousel matter?

Barry Trotz and John Tortorella are just two of a group of high-profile coaches not employed right now, while Bruce Cassidy has just taken the bench spot in Vegas, but how much does the NHL coaching carousel really impact teams prospects?

Video Transcript

SAM CHANG: I would be shocked if Torts got hired before Barry Trotz. Barry Trotz has been successful wherever he goes-- with whatever teams he's been given. And I actually-- I was surprised that he was fired without consulting anyone else on the team. That's still my favorite quote from Lou Lamoriello ever.

- Yeah, did you consult the team?

SAM CHANG: Why would I ever consult with my players?

- Why would I ask them?


SAM CHANG: Never consider this.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I'll just offer this as a counterpoint, though, Sam. If John Tortorella gets hired before Barry Trotz does, that tells me that Barry Trotz is just out here weighing his own options, because I think--

SAM CHANG: That's true.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: When a coach of his caliber is out there, I don't necessarily think you have to pressure yourself into finding a potential partner right away. You could kind of sit back and let the offers roll in. And it seems as if like he's taking his time with it. So if Tortorella gets hired before Trotz, I won't be up in arms about it. But I will be curious of where he's going to go.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I was just going to say, or Philly is turned down by Trotz. And they want to beat whoever else to the punch and make it seem like they picked Tortorella over Trotz because they want to try and save face. I mean, that is a recipe for disaster. That is an awful team. And that is a coach that is hugely combustible. It's going to be-- it's going to be hilarious. So let's see Tortorella in Philly, for sure. I kind of only think two coaching changes really matter. And we've seen one of them.

With Cassidy, I think he's a great coach. Apparently, he wants to get hurt again because we know how it's going to end in Vegas. It only ends one way. So, apparently, he's signing up for more disappointment eventually down the road. But hey, maybe they get a Stanley Cup before then. But it is all about Trotz. Where's Trotz going to go? Who is Trotz going to transform? If Winnipeg is indeed the front-runner, I think they stand to benefit the most from this little coaching carousel thing. But I think-- yeah, there's a lot of vacancies. There's a lot of coaches out there. But I don't know how much it really matters, for the most part.