MP Police books people in Niwari for holding wedding without permission, violating COVID-19 norms

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Jairam Kushwaha, police post In-Charge, Luharguwan. (ANI)
Jairam Kushwaha, police post In-Charge, Luharguwan. (ANI)

Niwari (Madhya Pradesh) [India], May 9 (ANI): Madhya Pradesh police filed FIRs against three persons for violating COVID-19 norms in Niwari district.

This incident of grave carelessness took place in Niwari's Luharguwan village.

"We have filed FIRs against two people for organising a wedding ceremony without having taken permission from the administration. We have also filed one FIR against a youth for taking part in the ceremony and concealing the fact that he had been tested positive for the COVID-19," said Jairam Kushwaha, police post In-Charge, Luharguwan.

After the wedding till Wednesday, as many as 60 people from the village got themselves tested. Out of which, more than three dozens have tested positive.

Police said that all the main entrances to the village have been barricaded and a surveillance arrangement has been put in place. A proclamation has also been made asking people to keep from venturing out and confine themselves to their homes only.

Taking a serious view of the situation, the district administration has declared the village as a red zone.

At present, Madhya Pradesh has a total of 95,423 active COVID-19 cases. (ANI)