Tommy Wiseau reveals how he wound up taking that viral selfie with Tonya Harding

One of the most shared photos from the 2018 Golden Globes was not from the actual telecast, nor did it involve actual nominees.

The pic captured the moment the enigmatic creator of the cult classic The Room, Tommy Wiseau, met banned Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding at a Globes after-party. While the pair hail from wildly different backgrounds, they are of course both the subjects of award-winning 2017 biopics, with James Franco portraying Wiseau in The Disaster Artist and Margot Robbie skating up a storm as Harding in I, Tonya. (The pic was first shared as an Instagram story by Robbie’s Tonya costar Sebastian Stan.)

During a Facebook Live interview this week in Yahoo’s studios, Wiseau gave us a recap of how the surreal interaction played out.

Tonya Harding and Tommy Wiseau together at the Golden Globes.
Tonya Harding and Tommy Wiseau together at the Golden Globes.

“She approached me, actually,” Wiseau told us (watch above). “You know, I love people. I don’t discriminate, and I think whatever happened with her, and the story we don’t have to repeat; you have to respect everybody — that’s what I’m about.”

Wiseau said their convo was short and sweet. “I said, ‘How you doing? Did you enjoy yourself?’ And she said, ‘Yes,’ and that was it.”

As Johnny would say in The Room, What a story, Mark!

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