Meet Dubai's all-women SWAT team

STORY: This is Dubai’s all-women SWAT team.

To hone their focus and stamina they’re tackling obstacle courses…

…shooting practice… and knocking down doors.

And they may be breaking down barriers in the process as well.

Meet Lieutenant Latifa al Salman.

She’s part of the 11-member Emirati team.

They’ve been doing SWAT drills every day since it formed in September.

The idea is to be field and competition ready.

Members say it’s been a stretch physically and mentally...

Al Salman says the idea was also a stretch for her mother.

"When I first told my parents that I would join the SWAT team, my mother was against the idea, she was very scared, especially as it requires speed, accuracy and shooting, but I was able to convince and prove to her that I am up to the position I am in."

The journey has not always been easy.

Many in the Gulf city are weary of women working in the field.

Still, Al Salman’s father… Abdelaziz Ibrahim Hussein al Salman… says he knew the Dubai Police job was a good fit for her.

"This decision that she made was not surprising because I know Latifa's nature and that she loves new things and adventure. It was something new for us, for women to join the security service..."

For al Salman… she says the experience has been nothing short of life changing.

"What changed in me is that I have more confidence and I feel like I can do anything, if you want me to climb down a tower, I can, or climb up Burj Khalifa, I am ready. I have more confidence now."