Loud, Annoyed Goat Mistaken for Human Screaming for Help by Oklahoma Police — Watch!

Officers from the Enid Police Department recieved a report about a person shouting for help, but ended up finding a sassy farm animal at the scene instead

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Turn your sound up for this mistaken identity case!

According to Oklahoma's Enid Police Department, Officer David Sneed and Officer Neal Storey responded to a report about a person calling out for help on Monday.

When the officers arrived at the area where the caller heard the shouts, they started hearing the pleas as well.

"Upon arriving, the officers began walking toward the faint sound of someone yelling. As they got closer, Officer Sneed could hear a distinct yell for 'help.'" the Enid Police Department posted on Facebook alongside bodycam footage of the incident, in which faint shouts can be heard.

"I think it's a person," Officer Sneed says in footage from the incident. "That's a person."

In the video, the police officers run up to a farm where they find the source of the screams echoing through the clip.

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The calls aren't coming from a person in distress; the screams belong to an annoyed goat.

"It's a goat," both officers say aloud after seeing the farm animal.

After they make the discovery, someone looking after the goat approaches the officers and offers an explanation for the loud situation.

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"He's a little upset because I separated him from his friends," the individual tells the officers.

The clip ends with the group sharing a giggle over the situation while the goat wails on in the background.

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