'Last Jedi' mystery solved: John Boyega explains why Finn had different haircut, costume in set footage

Star Wars fans who went frame by frame on the 2017 behind-the-scenes video from The Last Jedi may have noticed that Finn (John Boyega) was sporting a different haircut and costume from anything we saw in the actual movie. Was the moment from one of the 14 deleted scenes that will be on the upcoming home release? What gives?

We went to the source to get the definitive answer. Yahoo Entertainment caught up with Boyega while he was promoting his upcoming sci-fi sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising, and he explained all.

Turns out the footage was from a screen test he did with the film’s breakout star Kelly Marie Tran; Boyega wasn’t in production yet, thus his un-Finn-like fade.

As for the wears? “When Finn was escaping, he was actually supposed to be in Resistance pilot gear,” Boyega said (watch above), referencing the scene where mechanic Rose Tico (Tran) catches (and tases) Finn for attempting to bolt from the ship.

Another moment we didn’t see in The Last Jedi: a funeral procession for lost hero Han Solo (who took a lightsaber to the heart from son Ben Solo/Kylo Ren during that fateful bridge confrontation in The Force Awakens). The funeral sequence was included in The Last Jedi‘s novelization, released this week.

Boyega has gone on record (repeatedly) for being a hardcore Han enthusiast, but he didn’t seem bothered that movie audiences didn’t get to witness a proper sendoff.

“[There was] no need,” Boyega said of a memorial service. “Keep the story moving.”

Boyega even handed out some posthumous tough love. “Han knows what he got into walking onto that damn bridge. As Finn I was kind of like, ‘Oh, no!’ As a Star Wars fan I was like [stone-faced], ‘Han. You should’ve stayed at home.”

It did allow us to entertain the notion that Harrison Ford’s scoundrel would return someday in the formof a Force Ghost. “I pray he does, because he would be the best Force Ghost ever,” Boyega said with a laugh, before launching into a golden impersonation.

Pacific Rim Uprising opens March 23.

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