The Dark Knight Rises(2012)- User Reviews

great, even better than Dark Knight.


the storyline was good, the action scenes were great and the movie had more heart than mayhem compared to the Dark Knight. Bruce's story was great, so was Bane's and John Blake(until he said his name as Robin) I actually didn't like Catwoman's back ground story or her motives throughout the movie. I loved seeing Batman coming out of retirement being chased by the Cops while Bane gets away, and than how poorly Batman does in his first fight with Bane. my only problem with the movie was at the end of the movie I felt like John Blake should have announced his real name was Jean Paul Azrael, not Robin. Robin IS Dick Grayson, it was retarded to change Robin's back ground story just to fit it in the Dark Knight trilogy. Azrael's comic book character was an orphane, an Avenging Angel by the Order of St. Dumas and replaced Bruce as Batman after Bane broked his back in the Knightfall comic series, the other Azrael(Micheal) was a former cop) which ties more into John Blake's character. I guess Chris Nolan felt using Robin's name would be more world wide reconized than Jean Paul Valley(Azrael). for some reason that really bugged me.