The Dark Knight Rises(2012)- User Reviews

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    The third installment is a thrilling cinematic delight. Director Nolan makes the scope of the story grand. The viewer’s navigate through a maze of scenarios that tie up eventually. However, the credit lies in the impressive depiction of the struggles …more»
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    I find most 'superhero' type movies to be predictable and unoriginal. Most seem to start off strong, then finish weakly in the last half-hour. This movie was the opposite; it started off a bit slow, but the excitement builds at the end. Although …more»
  • star55

    the storyline was good, the action scenes were great and the movie had more heart than mayhem compared to the Dark Knight. Bruce's story was great, so was Bane's and John Blake(until he said his name as Robin) I actually didn't like Catwoman's …more»
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    Wow, an amazing movie, lots of allegory and great acting, truly an art and then an action movie. Even though I wished it could have been a bit more humorous nevertheless a well made movie.

    I did not think I would like Bane but he did a great job. I think …more»
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    Star Wars= Batman Begins

    Empire Strikes Back= Dark Knight

    Return of the Jedi= Dark Knight Rises

    This movie was bad for too many reasons to list.

    I have never asked for my money back on any movie I have ever seen at the Theatre but I did with …more»