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Poster of Ted


John Bennett is a grown man whose simple childhood wish brought his cherished teddy bear to life. Almost 30 years later, the fairy tale is very much over. Ted is reluctant to leave John's side to the increasing annoyance of John's only-so-patient girlfriend, Lori Collins. Though Lori's displeasure with John is exacerbated by his dead-end career and days spent smoking weed and drinking beers with Ted, she's not the one who is the most frustrated with him. As John struggles to figure out a way to navigate this thing called adulthood, it will take the unexpected help of his boyhood toy to make the leap from man-child to a grown-ass man.

Production Details


Comedy, Animated


Universal Pictures

Box Office


Also Known As

  • Teddy
  • Teddy Bear

Production Status


Filming Locations

  • Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Produced In

United States