Man of Steel(2013)- User Reviews

The only reason why I gave it two stars is because I Like Amy Adams Super Man is terrible if your going for SuperMan


Man of Steel is Very bad it does not look like the trailer. Don't get sucked in . SuperMans mother gets attacked by Michael Shannon that's the Villain. Then Super Man freaks out and goes back to earth. Then the Movie goes backwards and forwards talking about the past and future and its so bad because you start to get dizzy. The flying is Cartoonish . There is only one seen of action with blowing up trucks . The only good thing is to look at Amy Adams as Lois Lane other than that the movie does stink and Super Man is Criptonynite. Its not really worth to see in theaters . Don't waste your money on Man of Steel either. Im the best reviewer there is I know whats good . Listen to me. Its an big flop and an big disa ppoint ment Superman. I see so many movies . I know whats good.