After a motorhome crash and 11 days lost in Maine, Max the cat returns home to Texas

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Screengrab from Kelsey Tally's Facebook

Max the cat returned home to Texas after surviving a motorhome crash and 11 days lost in Maine, his owner shared.

The Tally family was enjoying their summer trip in the Northeast, seeing the sights in their motorhome. On their way to Acadia National Park, a tire blew out, sending the family’s motorhome down an embankment and into the trees, Kelsey Tally said in a Facebook post.

None of the family members were seriously injured, but one member – Max, the cat – was missing, Tally shared on Facebook.

“We searched the crash site and searched the motorhome. There was like six of us that searched the motorhome for this cat,” said Wayne Bouchard of Bouchard & Sons Towing, per WABI.

But no one could find Max. Still, the family continued their trip. They left Hermon, Maine, visiting Boston and New York City before heading back home to Texas, Tally shared on Facebook.

“We had kind of prepared the kids at that point that he probably wasn’t going to be found,” Tally told WABI.

Days later, Tally received a call from Bouchard.

“One of my drivers had dropped the vehicle off at about 10:30 and heard a loud meow from a cat,” Bouchard told WABI, “and he thought that was in the parking lot messing with him and then this big black cat come running out near the motorhome.”

The black cat was Max. The family’s motorhome and SUV were in the storage lot for a week, reported WJBQ, before Max made an appearance. Max likely spent the 11 days in the motorhome or the woods.

A local woman, Holly Ann Michaud, offered to take Max in until he could return home, Tally said in a Facebook post. Michaud drove Max the three hours to Boston, where Max stayed with a family friend until the family could fly out and bring Max home to Texas.

“We are forever grateful for Dostie’s Towing, Bouchard & Sons Towing, and Holly Ann Michaud, our new friends in Maine,” Tally posted on Facebook. “Angels. These people are sent from heaven.”

“As thrilled as we are to have Max home the best part of this story is how every single person on this crazy 15 day journey - EVERY single human impacted our family in ways we don’t ever want to forget,” Tally shared in another Facebook post.

McClatchy News reached out to the Tally family and is awaiting a response.

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