Motion defeated for mileage increase

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BROCKTON – In May, the matter of a mileage allowance increase for staff and council was tabled, for staff to bring forward additional information.

An updated report was presented at the Nov. 10 council meeting, and council did not approve any increase.

The amount of $.50 per kilometre was set in 2012, and that’s what staff and council have been receiving since then.

The report to council indicated Revenue Canada considers a mileage reimbursement that is too high (or low) a taxable benefit. The “reasonable allowance” rates for 2020 are listed as $.59 for the first 5,000 kilometres, and $.53 per kilometre after that.

In a repeat of May’s council discussion, Coun. Steve Adams said, “I don’t support it … going up from $.50 per kilometre to $.58 or $.59. The mileage is already very fair.” He said he wouldn’t vote for an increase.

That appeared to be the general consensus among council members.

Council also didn’t buy the warning that staying with the $.50 per kilomentre rate might cause problems with Revenue Canada. There were several mentions of major businesses that provide that amount, or less.

Mayor Chris Peabody said he’d voted against the increase to $.50 in 2012 and would vote against an increase now.

The motion for a mileage increase was defeated.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times