Mother sparks debate after sharing her reaction to toddler getting red paint on walls and floor

A mother has sparked a debate after revealing her calm reaction to her toddler getting red paint all over their home’s floorboards and wall.

On TikTok, 25-year-old mother Indy Clinton frequently posts videos about her toddler, Navy, and some of her parenting techniques.

In a recent clip, Clinton filmed her child standing in the living room, as he was holding a bottle of red paint, which had also spilled all over his grey sweater and sweatpants. The mother then pointed out how Navy got paint all over a white door and wooden floorboard.

Clinton could be heard in the background talking to her son while entering the room and saying: “You are kidding me. Are you joking? Navy, stop. Navy.”

Navy could then be seen moving his feet through the paint on the floor, before almost slipping in it. She went on to document other parts of the floor and a black dresser, which were stained with paint. The mother concluded her video by documenting Navy slipping in the paint and zooming in on him, as he also had paint on his face.

In a since-expired Instagram Story, Clinton noted that she wasn’t in the same room as her son when the incident happened.

“Note to self, don’t brush your teeth while chatting to your husband and taking selfies, just don’t do it, learn from me,” she wrote, via Daily Mail. “Because somewhere in the house your toddler is f***ing it up when you think they’re playing innocently with toys.”

As of 18 August, the video has more than 3.4m views, with TikTok users in the comments claiming that Clinton didn’t properly reprimand her Navy for making a mess.

“He thinks it’s funny because you’re laughing. I don’t think he knows right from wrong because you always laugh,” one wrote. “On a positive note he’s SO FRICKEN CUTE!”

“Personally, I wouldn’t let that slide,” another added.

A third person wrote: “I’m all for gentle parenting but kids have to know right from wrong.”

However, other views praised Clinton for having such a calm reaction to Navy’s behaviour and poked fun at his paint job.

“As a kid who was always yelled at, I admire your calmness. Especially since you probably left for one min to do a wee,” one wrote. “You’re a really good mum Indy x.”

“I love how calm you are, no paint on the couch, that is a bonus!” another added.

A third person said: “It’s like a perfect heart on the door.”

The Independent has contacted Clinton for comment.