Mother’s amusing plan for post-birth ‘coma spa’ goes viral

A woman has gone viral after sharing her ideas for a relaxing “coma spa” that fellow mothers can go into after giving birth.

Kalin Sheick, who is a mother of three, posted a video on TikTok earlier this week to share her idea for postpartum women. She started the clip off by joking that new mothers “need a service” where they can “go into a medically induced coma”.

“While you’re in that coma, this is after you’ve had a baby, they do everything for you,” she said. “You get hair colour, OK? You get a little botox, if that’s your vibe. You get a facial. OK? You get lashed, you get your teeth whitened.”

She went on to explain how her business idea included these new parents waking up to new clothes.

“And they buy you a new wardrobe that fits, that is stylish, but age appropriate,” Sheick said. “And then you wake up and you’re like” ‘Thank you, do you take American Express?’”

The mother concluded her video with two “very important” parts of the business, which also occurr while women are in the coma. “You get a Brazillian wax and they do your taxes,” she added.

In the caption, she also wrote: “Meet me at the coma spa.”

As of 30 January, the video has more than 279,000 views, with TikTok users in the comments agreeing with and poking fun at Sheick’s idea.

“Honestly I was sold on just the coma,” one wrote, while another said: “I used to tell my husband every mom deserves the emerald city treatment. Oz me up, make me over, horse of different color to the next level.”

A third added: “We will call it the Sleeping Beauty Special!”

Other viewers joked about wanting this coma and shared some of the things that they would add to Sheick’s business plan.

“Tbh, I had a c-section. They could’ve completely knocked me out and liposuctioned my remaining belly,” one person commented.

“Also any of the formalities like filing for a birth certificate and adding the baby to your health insurance,” another wrote.

Speaking to about her viral video, Sheick addressed how “awesome” it’s been that people have related to her idea.

“The things that people are adding as à la carte services just shows that moms, in particular, we want to feel taken care of and pampered a little bit after putting our bodies out there for such a transformative event,” she said.

She acknowledged how her video has brought mothers together, adding: “Not many people can agree on one thing anymore. But we seem to be in agreement we should all go to the coma spa.”

Sheick also told the publication what she’s learned about being a parent, after giving birth to her three children over three years.

“I’ve really been in tune to how when you have a baby you’re just sort of tossed back into the world after having this crazy experience,” she added.

The Independent has contacted Sheick for additional comment.