Most new IT jobs are coming up here & this is what is sought

Srishti P
·2 min read

India is a nation affected by a recent coronavirus outbreak that resulted in more than 120 million job losses. The world, as we remember, will never be the same.

Yet COVID-19 hasn't affected all sectors the same. Some sectors strive to be the same, while others have creative solutions to retain workers, amid social distance and lockdowns.

The uptick in demand for job roles in the IT sector

Tech services are also challenging amid the pandemic, with more than 50 per cent of all new IT jobs in Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad coming up in 2021.

According to the various online job portals, global platforms for careers, employment and industry solutions, businesses are looking to employ IT professionals with knowledge of SAP and networking technologies.

Project managers, app engineers and testers, advisors and online marketing executives are in high demand, with the IT industry looking to employ most of them across India.

Bengaluru (35%) has an immense requirement for the project manager role, followed by Hyderabad (20%) and Pune (15%). In the IT market, the need for project managers was highest at 50%, led by building (10%), recruiting (7%) and banking (5%).

Demand for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now in the limelight because of the uptick in time spent online by firms trying to boost their digital footprint. Once again, Bengaluru (30%), followed by Pune (28%), Hyderabad (17%), are looking to recruit a large chunk of them. The market comes from IT enterprises, Financial services, advertisement firms and hiring firms.

Need for Programmers

Programming languages also seemed to be necessary, with Python rising 4 percent month-over-month. According to the survey, can accommodate the vast amount of legacy code in Python and create new applications and services.

India has witnessed an increasing capability gap in recent years, a global IT service pioneer, with the emergence of artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and other advanced software.


Corporate India shows vital signs of growth, and the market is seized with an overall optimistic outlook.

The figures point to the pattern that as industries go virtual after the pandemic, with the rising need for work positions in the industry with the expanded usage of technology, the IT sector is growing steadily.

When we hit the second year of the pandemic through more digitalisation, this development is expected to continue potentially.

The IT industry remains one of the world's least impacted since it has played a significant role in digitalisation with businesses embracing technologies and hybrid operating models in the aftermath of the pandemic.