'Most expensive safety deposit box in the world' has a Rolls-Royce ferry

Tony Markovich

Ultra-high-end security and storage company International Bank Vaults (IBV) has several locations around the world, but as of next week, none will be more exclusive than the London branch. IBV is set to open a new vault with what's claimed to be the most expensive safety deposit boxes in the world. With price come perks, however, including a personal Rolls-Royce Ghost chauffeur to take customers to and from the vault.

According to The Guardian, IBV, owned by South African millionaire Ashok Sewnarain, decided to open the new vault as a response to rapidly increasing demand for private wealth storage from the world's richest people. “We won’t deal with millionaires," managing director of the new facility Sean Hoey said. "We will be dealing only with billionaires.”

For the top tier of the rich, a full room can be rented out for about $3.3 million per year. On a much lower scale, the cheapest available safety deposit box will cost about $785 to rent per year. Those boxes are pretty small, however, at about two inches high, 6.3 inches wide, and 19.3 inches deep. Hoey says it's enough space to store jewelry or "a fair few gold bars." 

At this location, when the customers need to deposit or withdrawal spare gold bars in between polishing sessions, a chauffeur will arrive in a Rolls-Royce Ghost for proper luxury transportation. To get to the underground vault, two door people will take clients through fingerprint and iris scans. The vault itself is secured from theft attempts by steel lining in the walls, ceiling, and floor.

Read more and see photos of the building on The Guardian.