The most awkward moments from the Love Island Reunion

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

The Love Island 2022 Reunion dropped tonight (7th August), bringing literally more awkward moments than we can count. If you found yourself semi-wincing at the TV screen on more than one occasion throughout the night, hey, you're not alone.

Fans have been busy posting their reactions to this year's Reunion episode online, with many sharing the same complaint over the special. And when it comes to awkward moments, viewers have not held back. Here's a run-through of the most cringe-worthy bits from this year's Reunion show. Yep, cue all the memes.

Coco and Summer's argument

This one was intense, with co-host Darren Harriott even stepping in to shut things down. The dramz began with Summer saying "someone wishes they would have got with someone," appearing to refer to Coco.

Coco then replied, "It's just banter. If you can't handle a big personality, don't go on reality TV." Summer added, "I just wanna clarify, I don’t fight over anyone because there’s no competition." Yep, lots to take in here.

The Islanders lip-syncing to One Direction

Honestly, we're not even sure what was going on here.

Davide *still* not knowing who Joel Corry is

Nothing personal, Joel.

Lacey saying Deji hasn't taken her on a date

Asked whether he and Lacey were still going strong, Deji replied, "Yeah, I mean, obviously we've both been very busy so, she's obviously p***ed I haven't taken her on a first date kind of thing."

Lacey then chimed in, "You make time for people if you want to, right?" Awks.

The return of "I licked her tit"

Yep, this one's never going away.

Indiyah's recorder, part 2

No escape.

So many memes, so little time.

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