This Morning viewers divided over festive theme set

This Morning’s Rochelle Humes and Craig Doyle kicked things off on Monday (27 November) with a festive cheer and fans were not so happy about it.

The episode started off with shots of an empty studio that was dimly lit and later transformed with touches of Christmas décor to liven up the space.

After a festive-themed title introduction, the presenters finally made an appearance, with Humes opening the programme by saying: “I just cannot contain my excitement! Hello and welcome to a very festive This Morning,” while a Michael Buble song played in the background (a very fitting choice of artist and song).

"It’s gorgeous! It’s a gorgeous start to the week, a gorgeous start to the day,” Doyle commented.

“The This Morning elves have been busy all weekend working their magic, a big big thanks to them because Christmas has arrived in the studio!,” he added.

Rochelle then confessed: “I am like the happiest version of me…” as the hosts told viewers a bit more about their newly decorated set.

The show’s Christmas theme set was filled with a “natural feel” using trees and garlands from Balsan Hills.

During the episode, Humes and Doyle then asked viewers to send in their own images of their festive homes, but it seemed as though the decorations were too much for some viewers and caused a slight divide.

One user took to X/Twitter to share their frustration. “For the last time, it is still NOVEMBER. Cool it with your Christmas shit until December officially starts… in about 5 days from now.”

“Last time I looked it’s still November. #ThisMorning,” another viewer commented.

But it was not all doom and gloom as some viewers loved the new festive set.

A fan wrote: “Omg it looks beautiful it’s got me emotional! So traditional #ThisMorning,” another added: “Love the Christmas titles @thismorning and the studio looks so festive and cosy. #ThisMorning."

“Yeah I love it I adore Christmas and Christmas trees and everything about it so I’m bound to love it. I’m like Rachelle, I’d have Christmas in summer as well as winter if I could… I do love summer for what it is but I adore Christmas,” another fan commented.