‘Morning Joe': Scarborough Slams Herschel Walker as a Liar and a ‘Deeply Disturbed Man’ Amid Abortion Scandal (Video)

Joe Scarborough called out Georgie Republican senate candidate, Herschel Walker, and his Republican colleagues for his alleged 2009 abortion scandal, lies and abuse.

Noting the the Republican party’s silence and at-times explicit rebuttal of the accusations (former president Donald Trump, for one, said, “They are trying to destroy a man who has true greatness in his future”), the “Morning Joe” co-host concluded that “the corruption is complete” and that the GOP’s The Morning Joe host exclaimed Wednesday that “the corruption is complete” for the GOP, but that was “known a long time ago,” since Donald Trump’s first presidential run. He went on to say that the GOP’s behavior is a “good check on where the Republican Party stands” today.

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If the initial Daily Beast report that cited Walker paying for a girlfriend’s abortion in 2009 wasn’t proof enough, what sealed the deal for Scarborough was when his son, Christian Walker, came forward to denounce his father’s behavior and to publicly accuse him being a liar and an abuser.

“The son of Herschel Walker comes out on this report on this abortion that the son says Herschel Walker is lying about,” Scarborough said, “and the son confirms what we’ve all read, that he’s abused his wife, he’s lied about the abuse, he has four children out of wedlock. Never raised one of them, lied about most of them.”

“He lied about his education, said he graduated from Georgia — he never did; lied about working for law enforcement — he never did; he lied about working with the FBI — he never did,” the host continued. “And from a distance he seems to be, and I’m being very polite here, he seems to be a deeply disturbed man. Incapable, [like] some of his friends from his hometown said, incapable of running a small Georgia town, let alone being a United States Senator.”

Scarbourough continued to say that Walker’s guilt is “evident,” and attributes the Republican Party’s ignorance to its “corruption.”

Watch the full “Morning Joe” segment in the video above.

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