‘Morning Joe’ Rebukes Media for Lack of Focus on Trump’s ‘Blatant Racism’: ‘Ought to Be on the Front Page’ | Video

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” torched Donald Trump for his portrayal of migrants and the Spanish language in a Monday interview, saying that the presidential candidate is expressing “blatant racism,” which they argue was the foundational basis for his entrance into politics.

In the interview, Trump likened foreign languages to something from outer space, classified migrants as dangerous people, and compared them to Hannibal Lecter from “The Silence of the Lambs.”

“What they’re doing is they’re poisoning our country by allowing people to come in by the millions,” Trump said on Monday.

“This has been the foundation of his presidential runs,” co-host Willie Geist said. “The kind of people coming into the country, I guess, is not the kind we want here,” according to Trump’s categorization.

Languages from outer space,” co-host Joe Scarborough quipped. “Again, we said yesterday, he’s not well, not doing well.”

Contributor Mike Barnicle questioned why “this is not covered in the similar fashion to the way Joe Biden’s age is covered?”

“I hate to criticize print media,” Barnicle continued. “I’m a print media guy, but this is out of control.”

“No, it is out of control. It’s really unfair to the American public who has to vote on the facts that are presented to them,” Reverend Al Sharpton chimed in. “When you only give one picture…You’re ignoring on the front page, above the fold, the blatant racism.”

“We’re talking about open racism,” Sharpton continued. “He’s mocking Spanish-speaking people. He mocks Africans. He called several African countries s-hole countries.”

“It’s always anti-people of color,” Sharpton pointed out. “That ought to be on the front page.”

Sharpton added: “He’s running on the bias and racism that was always the major part of his campaign. They will not write about that. They’re telling us about one old white man rather than another old white man who has not only lost his mind, but when he had one, it was bigoted.”

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