All About Morgan Wallen's Son Indigo Wilder

Morgan Wallen welcomed his son Indigo Wilder in July 2020

Morgan Wallen Instagram
Morgan Wallen Instagram

Morgan Wallen is growing from his past mistakes, thanks in part to his son.

The "Thought You Should Know" singer is a dad to Indigo Wilder, 4, whom he shares with his ex Katie "KT" Smith. The former couple welcomed him on July 10, 2020, after they had gone their separate ways.

Shortly after his son's birth, Wallen came under fire when he was caught on camera using a racial slur while drunk in February 2021. He quickly apologized in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

"I'm embarrassed and sorry," Wallen said. "I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur that I wish I could take back. There are no excuses to use this type of language, ever. I want to sincerely apologize for using the word. I promise to do better."

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The award-winning country star later revealed on Good Morning America in July 2021 that the incident also prompted him to check into a rehabilitation center.

The "Whiskey Glasses" singer returned to the awards stage for the first time after the controversy at the Billboard Music Awards in May 2022. There, Wallen told Entertainment Tonight that his son has helped him "grow" over the past year.

"I think mostly I can attribute it to being a dad," he said. "Just seeing that I have another life that I'm responsible for kind of put things into perspective for me, so, I just didn't really have a choice."

Wallen previously told PEOPLE that he wants to set a good example for his son. "I just hope to give him as sound advice as my parents gave me and show him love and let him know that I'm here for him and that I'm his friend," he said in January 2021. "I'm here to help, and I'm here to guide. I'm just gonna try to do the best I can."

Here's everything to know about Morgan Wallen's son, Indigo Wilder.

He was born in Nashville

Morgan Wallen Instagram
Morgan Wallen Instagram

Indigo Wilder Wallen was born on July 10, 2020, in Nashville, to Wallen and his ex KT Smith.

"Since you came into the world Friday, I see mine differently now," Wallen wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of himself cradling his newborn son. "It's not just me anymore, and I'm glad it's not. This year has been the hardest of my life in so many ways, but that's not what I will remember it by. You are. You are a gift and this tough year just made sense."

He continued, "I'll be the Dad you deserve as well as the co-parent your mother deserves. Since you were born, I know that every decision I make will be with you in mind."

Smith also announced Indigo's birth on Instagram, writing on July 11, "Yesterday was nothing short of complete bliss.. ✨♥️ Indie Wilder you are your mama's answered prayer times infinity and the cutest little human ham hunk I've ever laid eyes on."

His parents call him "Indie"

KT Smith Instagram
KT Smith Instagram

While his given name is Indigo, his parents also have the sweetest nickname for him: Indie. In Wallen's first Instagram post with his son, he referred to him as "Indie Wilder."

Smith also affectionally refers to him as "ND" on social media. In a mommy-and-me matching picture from March 2022, she wrote, "ND, you look like mommy baby."

He dressed like his dad for Halloween

KT Smith Instagram
KT Smith Instagram

When Indigo was just 3 months old, he celebrated his first Halloween in style by dressing up as his country singer dad.

Smith shared an adorable image of Indigo wearing a version of Wallen's signature look: a sleeveless button-up shirt, hat and a wig standing in for Wallen's long hair.

"My tea is sweet but honey you're sweeter 🤣 Happy Halloween from lil Indie Wilder," she wrote on Instagram, a cheeky reference to Wallen's "Redneck Love Song."

His mom and dad are doing their "best" to co-parent

KT Smith Instagram
KT Smith Instagram

Although Wallen and Smith broke off their years-long relationship before Indigo was born, they are doing their "best" to co-parent peacefully.

In January 2021, Wallen told PEOPLE that he's "thankful" to share his son "with someone I care about."

"We're doing our best to figure it out, just trying to do the best we can with the situation," he continued. "I mean, many people have been in this situation before — having a kid with someone you're not with — but knowing that doesn't make it any easier."

Wallen added that their situation isn't how he "imagined parenthood," adding, "I wanted to have a family like my parents. My parents are still together, you know. They raised [me and my sisters] together. That was my idea of what my life would look like. That's not the way it turned out. And I struggled with that a little bit when I first found out."

Despite "some difficulties," Wallen and Smith are focused on Indigo. "The most important thing is he's in our life now. He's happy. He's healthy. He's incredible," the singer told PEOPLE.

His first birthday was cowboy-themed

KT Smith Instagram
KT Smith Instagram

In honor of his dad's career, Indigo had a cowboy-themed first birthday party. Wallen, Smith and their families were present for the event, which Smith described as "pure joy" on Instagram.

Indigo wore a cowboy hat on his head and a red bandana tied around his neck in photos from the day. In a group picture, he sat on his dad's shoulders as everyone posed together. Another shot showed off his themed cowboy cake, featuring his name written on an icing belt buckle and a "My 1st Rodeo" sign on top.

"1 year of being a legend," Wallen wrote in his own first birthday tribute, along with a smiling picture of him and Indigo.

Wallen is learning how to balance his career with fatherhood

Morgan Wallen Instagram
Morgan Wallen Instagram

In March 2022, Wallen won the ACM album of the year award at the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards for Dangerous: The Double Album. In his acceptance speech, he talked about how becoming a father changed him.

"When I started this album, I was a kid. By the time I put it out, I was a father," Wallen said.

He continued, "That's become more important to me than anything else. To my son, this album and this award will signify that his daddy was a fighter, and he chased his dreams and worked hard to make them a reality."

A year earlier, Wallen predicted that his life would get "a lot more hectic" in an interview with PEOPLE.

"I'll probably have to hire a nanny or do something because I know that sometimes I'm not going to be able always to be as hands-on as I need to be," he said.

"I still want to be as much a part of his life as I can, but I have obligations to fulfill to take care of him," he added. "I know that that's on the horizon, so those thoughts are in my head, and I'm going to do the best I can to ensure that everything is as good as possible."

His first concert was one of his dad's

KT Smith Instagram
KT Smith Instagram

Naturally, Indigo's first concert was one of Wallen's. And just like at Halloween, he dressed like his dad for the occasion as well.

Indigo wore cowboy boots, a belt and a plaid shirt and watched the show from a private family suite. Smith shared a series of photos from the concert on Instagram in March 2022. "May or may not have cried seeing little man's watch his daddy for his first ever concert, also surrounded by love from family 🤍," she wrote in the caption.

He was attacked by his mom's dog

<p>Morgan Wallen/Instagram</p>

Morgan Wallen/Instagram

In June 2023, Indigo was bitten by Smith's pet dog — a Great Pyrenees named Legend. The little boy was rushed to the emergency room, where he received stitches.

"Indigo's OK. His scar will be minimum — he did have stitches, but he’ll be OK," Smith shared with her followers on Instagram. Legend was ultimately rehomed after the traumatic incident.

His mom remarried in April 2024

Days after getting engaged to Luke Scornavacco on March 29, 2024, the couple got married.

A few days later, Wallen was arrested on three felony charges after allegedly throwing a chair off of the roof of Chief's bar in Nashville on April 7. Shortly after, Smith released a statement Smith released a statement to PEOPLE (along with The Daily Beast), shutting down speculation that the incident was related to her new marriage.

“Although it may seem like it correlates because of the timeline, I have no evidence to believe the incident had anything to do with the recent marriage announcement,” Smith's statement said. “I cannot speak on Morgan’s behalf, but I do pray the very best for him. Praying that this was just a slip up and that he will return to the good path that he was on prior.”

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