More booster pump woes at Walker West

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BROCKTON – During the Aug. 9 council meeting, Mayor Chris Peabody provided an update on the booster pump situation in Walker West Estates.

“It’s not fully commissioned,” he said. “There’s been some talk in the community about where we’re at with things. The normal pumps in that system are operational and providing water.”

However, the mayor explained that the high demand pumps for added fire flow were tested in late June, resulting in a watermain break on the line out to the John Deere property. “It’s quite old and will need to be replaced,” he said. “The high pressure caused that main to break.”

There has been a meeting between Veolia and municipal staff to discuss how to get those high demand pumps working.

In the meantime, the mayor said, “Fire services will respond to any emergency in the area, using tankers.” They’ll be able to hook up to existing hydrants and use the stormwater management pond, which is fortunately full, thanks to recent rainfall. Peabody said further testing of hydrant pressures is occurring in that neighbourhood.

The plan, he said, is to commission the high pressure pumps while ensuring there’s not another break in that water line – it’s the main line that serves all of Walkerton.

There’ll be a full report presented by CAO Sonya Watson at the next council meeting.

Coun. Steve Adams suggested that instead of making people wait two weeks, the municipality should put together a one-page update and send it out to area residents, who undoubtedly have “a significant concern” about the matter.

Coun. James Lang supported that suggestion and offered his assistance, saying he could help out with fire questions. Lang is a member of the Walkerton Fire Department.

The booster pump project has been contentious, with repeated delays due to pandemic-related “supply chain” issues, and the developer caught between no water hookups, and people anxious to move into their homes.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times